• Eraser
    Color: Black/White Design: Zollverein Winding Tower, double sided.
    Price: 1,95 EUR
  • DIN A1 Poster, diazotype blue
    Half a square meter of Ruhr area tradition in its best and most famous form. Graphically elaborately reworked and qualitatively optimize...
    Price: 11,95 EUR
  • enamel mug
    Longevity, durability, environmentally friendly materials, functional form and aesthetic design - these are the characteristics of Schupp...
    Price: 19,50 EUR
  • XXL Bag
    This XXL bag stores a lot, plans and drawings in rolls and even our DIN A1 poster in the roll can be easily transported with it. Weekly s...
    Price: 19,95 EUR
  • A sketchbook that Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer would certainly have loved. The elastic dust jacket attached with an elastic band give...
    Price: 19,95 EUR
  • Gruben Caviar
    This caviar is not for pansies! These black peppermint pearls are firm to the bite and absolutely fish-free.
    Price: 3,50 EUR
  • Set of 6 postcards
    A loving dedication on a postcard gets more attention than 140 tweet characters or a string of emojis, doesn't it? Postcards always have ...
    Price: 3,95 EUR