All prices are stated in euros and include VAT. There is an additional flat-rate fee for shipping and handling costs. The types of payment stated in the Zollverein-Netshop are accepted.

Shipping and handling

For deliveries within Germany we charge per package
4.95 EUR up to merchandise value of 49.99 EUR,
3.95 EUR up to merchandise value of 99.99 EUR,
0.00 EUR merchandise value from 100.00 EUR.

For deliveries within the EU we charge 16.95 EUR per package.
For deliveries to European non-EU states we charge 39.95 EUR per package.
For deliveries to all other countries we charge 49.95 EUR per package.
Customs duty, if any, and all other additional costs, charged to customer.

Prepayment by bank transfer
Please transfer the total payment due, to the following account:

Account name: DWD GmbH
Name of bank: Dortmunder Volksbank eG
Bank sorting code: 441 600 14
Account number: 6 353 246 902
IBAN-No. DE 5444 1600 1463 5324 6902

Reference: Zollverein-Netshop + Invoice Number

Delivery, condition of the goods

Deliveries will be made upon receipt of the full purchase price plus the flat-rate shipping and handling fee. Partial deliveries are permitted where this is acceptable for the customer. We reserve the right to make minor, standard changes, in particular improvements, to the goods up to the time of delivery where this does not affect the customer's interests to an unreasonable degree. Minor variances for technical reasons must be accepted.

Generally, deliveries are made only by shipping companies we have selected using types of shipment we have defined. Where other shipping companies or types of shipping are desired and accepted by us, any additional handling/freight costs incurred shall be borne fully by the customer. This applies in particular for express delivery.